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The Millenium Falcon is up for sale

2001 BMW 330ci Coupe. 3litre engine 300bhp

It is with the greatest regret that I have to announce the sale of the best, quickest BMW I have ever owned, the Millenium Falcon. The reason for sale are my legs, which are definitely not behaving at the moment. With 300 rampant stallions under the bonnet and a right foot that I struggle to control a smooth take off can definitely be a bit ‘lairy’. With passengers onboard it is even more unsettling with screams and gasps filling your lugholes. I just don’t have that delicate movement on my foot anymore. Another area of concern is Stopping. The other day I was just cruising down the road to our cottage at an easy 76mph and tried to hit the brakes for my normal power swerve into our little drive but my foot wouldn’t do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G aaarrggh, corrected my steering a couple of dozen times and ended up overshooting the runway by about a 1000 yards. Obviously time to have a rethink on my driving career.

Seriously now, I have made a decision to sell my car. It is pointless having it, my wife Denise is frightened of driving it and I sometimes can’t even walk from the house to get in it.

It is up for sale at £2,250 ono, so call 01376 573743 for details

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