Stan Redman Web Designer in Maldon Essex

I am 65 years old and married to Denise, pictured below. Denise is a bit older than me at 71. I am risking life and limb putting her age on here but I am very proud of the fact that she doesn’t really look her age. We have been together for twenty five happy years now. We live in Maldon, Essex which is situated on the Blackwater estuary. We both originate from the North West of England, I was born in Oldham, Lancashire and Denise was born in Halifax, Yorkshire. I lived in Bury before meeting Denise and moving South twenty five years ago.

I suffer from a degenerative disease of my motor and sensory nerves so I am also a little bit disabled. I can’t get around very much due to pain in my legs and arms and my use of keyboard and mouse can be a little bit ‘hit & miss’, consequently I am very limited in my profession as a web designer. I work very, very hard to keep my legs and arms going and hope to get a few more years use out of them before they finally ‘pack up’.

Update on 20th June 2018. My latest MRI scan shows some damage occurring in my spinal cord just above my shoulders. Now this had to be above my shoulders, couldn’t bloody well be below could it.