I’m Stan Redman, I am 66 years old and I live in Maldon, which is a small coastal town on the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. Originally from Bury in Greater Manchester I moved down to Essex 26 years ago. There is not much to say about Essex without being insulting or that hasn’t already been said but the one thing that stands out to me and did so in my first days down here is that it is fairly flat with hardly a hill anywhere. Maldon is one of the few areas that actually boasts a hill and it is probably for that reason that I feel quite at home here.

I am disabled, I have been for the last six years, I have a degenerative disease that attacks my motor muscles and sensory nerves and causes me immense pain. Sometimes the pain is so bad I have to take vast amounts of opiates and sit still and meditate until the pain reduces back to it’s normal level! On top of this I am an insulin dependent diabetic so it’s fair to say that if I was a motor car I might struggle a bit getting through an MOT. Consequently I can’t give precise timescales for any projects I take on. I think that it is only fair that I mention this to any prospective customers. On the bright side I am excellent at my job and a fairly clever bloke who is as honest as the day is long.

I am a great big Petrolhead and classic car fan, I love motor cars and petrol engines, the bigger the better.

You will notice some references to Facel Vega cars throughout this website. I have been involved with the Facel Vega Car Club of Great Britain for some years now, and not all happy ones. I built a very successful website for them which attracted quite a lot of interest worldwide. Alas the rich buggers that run the club decided that they could not pay me any money for maintaining the site and now it is in a very sorry state. I still remain a great fan of this great French marque and continue to run a Facebook page dedicated to it.