This is work in progress


I will start this post by saying that after listening to truckloads of politicians over the last few months I can honestly say that I have never heard such a load of old bollocks at any time in my life. Trying to make sense of the voting that has been happening in the Commons at the time of this post is bad enough but listening to politicians of all persuasions talking on BBC and ITV news, Newsnight and the Peston show makes you lose the will to live. It is genuinely brain twisting and traumatic.

This is work in progress

How much do we pay the EU?

Well 350 million x 52 equals 19 billion smackers a year for a start, that is an awful lot of money. Government websites are quick to point out that we don’t actually pay that much because we get money back in rebates. So how much do we get back? Well we get back 50 million pounds farming subsidy and 25 million pounds here and 8 million pounds there and so on and so on…………….

Final question then – how much did we pay last year after subsidies? Answer: 18.2 billion. Wow, now that is an awful lot of money with not a lot of rebate.

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